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Vinously speaking …………..

On Saturday 14th May, Downswood held an international wine tasting evening.  Brilliantly hosted by Tim Snuggs, who gave us advice and tips on how to taste wine like a pro, we then sampled four different wines from France, Spain, South Africa and Australia.  It seemed fitting that each of these wines be introduced by a native of the country (with the exception of Chris Evans – but you would never have known!)  Susana, Denis, David and Chris all convincingly described the characteristics of their wine and the audience had to guess who was bluffing and who was telling the truth!

By the end of the evening did we all know our Shiraz from our Syrah?   Probably not,  but we all enjoyed a very entertaining evening with the wine being washed down with some Spanish tapas and French canapés afterwards.

Thank you team for all your hard work!











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