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A sunny June 17th saw the culmination of the Junior Tournament matches at Downswood ranging from the U9s  to the U18s.

The morning started off with the finals of the U14 girls and boys, both were great matches with long sustained rallies and tactical play.  The winner of the boys was Sam Rothwell and the girls Zoe Lowrey.

Then followed by the U9 girls and boys and U10 boys.  The U9s played brilliantly on their smaller courts, both matches were very close with William Payne winning the boys and Scarlett O’Byrne the girls.  The U10 boys on the court next door were busy entertaining the crowd with grit determination and court coverage.  They worked so hard that poor Tom Rothwell fell ill giving Marcus Gooding the victory.

Keith and Louise were busy on the BBQ stall, with burgers, sausages and ice creams selling well in the lovely weather as the U12 girls and boys got started.  Again these were long matches with great tennis played, much determination and retrieving skills.  Christina Georgiou came out the winner of the girls and Christopher Gooding the winner of the boys. 

On to the serious U18 girls and boys.  Bryony Kershaw against Caroline Matthews and Tom Dunford against Tom Bailey both a repeat of the finals from last year.  The girls both competed very hard with Bryony retaining her title from last year.  Tom and Tom were whizzing winners from all directions and Tom Dunford managed to hold on to his lead and take the match.

Very many thanks to all the helpers today, the umpires, Peter, Martin, Steve, Janet, Emma, Ollie and Adrian.  Massive thank you to Janet who has chivvied all the players on to organise their matches from the early days of the draw in April and a well played to all who played in the tournament. 

If you came today you will have seen a massive improvement in the quality of matches played.  The children are becoming much more experienced and their tennis skills are getting stronger equipping them to strive for much higher levels on the court.  With the support that was shown for them today they can only continue to improve.

Congratulations to all our players

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